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In 1916, Polish immigrant Nathan Handwerker started a 5 cent hot dog stand on Coney Island with a $300 loan from two friends and his wife’s secret spice recipe. Today, Nathan’s is the most famous hot dog in the world, with restaurants across the globe, products in every supermarket in America and millions of fans. And yes, the original Coney Island restaurant is still there at the corner of Surf and Stillwell – home of our annual Hot Dog Eating Contest.

1916: Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York


Nathan's Famous was founded by a Polish immigrant, Nathan Handwerker, and is truly an authentic "only in America" story.  Nathan started his business in 1916 with a small hot dog stand in Coney Island, New York.  He sold hot dogs that were manufactured based on a recipe developed by his wife Ida's grandmother.

This is the Original


In the 100 years that have passed since opening day, Nathan's has gained worldwide recognition for the unequaled quality and taste of its product.  Today, Nathan's has gained a reputation for being the highest quality hot dogs in the world.

A true New York Icon

Did you know...

Nathan's popularity was almost instantaneous, and in its earliest days had legendary characters such as Al Capone as regular customers.  It gained its first international exposure when President Franklin Roosevelt served Nathan's Famous hot dogs to the King and Queen of England in 1939.  Politicians, show-biz personalities, and sports celebrities are often seen and photographed munching on Nathan's hot dogs.  A trip to Nathan's was the focus of a Seinfeld episode created by comedian Jerry Seinfeld.  The point is, Nathan's isn't just a hot dog, it's part of American history!  

If you've never been to New York, you might not have heard of Nathan's Famous, but there are nearly 300 restaurants around the world, with over 600 million Nathan's Famous hot dogs sold each year!


Franchise opportunities:

It took over 100 years, but we're finally here in Australia!

A.R.M Procurements Pty Ltd as Master Franchisee for Australia brought the famous "taste of New York" to Australia in 2015 so that Aussies can taste the original, true Hot Dog that originated in Coney Island New York.

Franchise Opportunities

With multiple business models including full stores and kiosk opportunities, as well as mobile units like trailers and food trucks, we've got a business model that suits your budget and lifestyle.

Join us! Be part of our exciting expansion strategy!

Our plan is to take Nathan's Famous to every corner of Australia, bringing the Taste of New York to Aussies all over the country.  Help us redefine what a REAL hot dog should taste like in Australia!

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Once you're approved as a franchisee, you'll receive your Franchise Agreement and Disclosure Document.  Make sure you get appropriate advice before and during your cooling off period.

Step 6: Get Trained & Start Trading!


Get trained and be ready to trade!  We'll teach you everything you need to know on how to operate a Nathan's business, and support you closely during the inception period.

The Famous hot dog taking Australia by Storm

Listen as Mark Alati (MD, Nathan's Famous AUS) delves into his interest in small businesses, the potential market for hot dogs in Australia as well as how he came up with the idea to bring Nathan’s Famous to Australia. 


our menu

Hot Dogs, Crinkle Cut Fries, Burgers and more...

Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs:

Our hot dogs are made with 100% Australian smoked beef and are grilled not boiled.  They snap with a burst of juice when you bite into them! It's delicious plain, or enjoy a variety of options.

Nathan's Famous Crinkle Cut Fries:

Unlike other fast food Brands, Nathan's Crinkle Cut Fries have a sweeter, more "potatoey" taste and are cooked in CHOLESTEROL FREE Corn Oil.  Get excited by the awesome variations you can enjoy.

Nathan's Famous Onion Rings: 

Our onion rings are deep fried in corn oil in a beer batter. 

Nathan's Famous Beef Burgers & Chicken Burgers:

We prepare high quality burgers made from 100% Australian Beef.  Our Chicken burgers are made of delicious battered and deep fried crispy chicken patties.  All of our burgers are served on a Kaiser sesame bun. 

Old Fashioned Lemonade: In America, old fashioned lemonade is what every kid grows up with.  Taste the original American lemonade, made with real lemon juice.

NOTE: Some menu items may not be offered in mobile business formats.


not all menu items will be available in mobile business units


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